Alabama Bound

Gale Foehner, Piano


Released 2006

We are trying something new with this recording. The packaging is in a printed cardboard sleeve which lowers the packaging cost. We are offering this CD for just - $10.00 -since there is not room for liner notes or information about the artist, we will include that info here on our website.

Gale, living in the St. Louis area, is now in his late eighties and still going strong. He plays in an early folk style where each tune is made his own. Much as was done when this music was new. David Thomas Roberts described Foehner as "being exactly what Brun Campbell was - a living depost of elements that are inherently exciting to lovers of ragtime"

Notes about the music are in process.

1. I'm Alabama Bound-- 2. Baby, wont You Please Come Home----- 3. Beautiful Ohio waltz-- 4. Bogalusa Strut-- 5. Buddy Boldens Blues-- 6. Carondelet-- 7. Central City Rag-- 8. Just a Closer Walk with Thee/The Old Rugged Cross-- 9. Coon Hollow Capers-- 10. Georges Rag-- 11. Pinetops Boogie-- 12. Pride of The Smokey Row-- 13. South Texas Strut-- 14. Stormy Ontario-- 15. Sweet Substitute-- 16. Original Rags-- 17. Tennessee Waltz-- 18. Winin Boy Blues-- 19. You Are My Sunshine. -72+ minutes of music

Coon Hollow Capers


Carondelet, Central City Rag, Georges Rag, South Texas Strut and Stormy Ontario are original compositions by Gale. Carondelet is a park in St.Louis near where Trebor Tichenor lived. Central City is in Colorado where a ragtime festival was held years ago. Stormy Ontarion was written when Gale landed at the Ontario, CA airport during a big storm. Georges rag was dedicated to his good friend George Willick. All of these performances were spontaneous and unrehershed.