Dr. Jazzes Raz-Ma-Taz

Tex Wyndham, Piano


This cd contains 22 selections, about half are humorus songs from the period with vocals and piano accompaniment by Tex. The rest are piano solos of Jazz, Blues and Ragtime tunes.

1. When Erastus Plays His old Kazoo-- 2. Halloween Rag-- 3. Never Swat a Fly-- 4. Sidewalk Blues-- 5. How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down On The Farm-- 6. How Long, How Long Blues-- 7. I'm More Than Satisfied-- 8. The White Wash Man-- 9. Dapper Dan-- 10. Chatanooga Choo Choo-- 11. Lucky Jim-- 12. The One I Love-- 13. I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers-- 14. Dallas Blues-- 15. Dicty-Doo-- 16. Hes A Rag Picker-- 17. At The Jazz Band Ball-- 18. Its Right Here For You-- 19. Red Raven Rag-- 20. My Little Bimbo...-- 21. Sweet Man-- 22. Doctor Jazzes Raz-Ma-Taz.


Released 1997

Lucky Jim