High Society

John Gill, Piano


A wide variety of music with great sound quality

Released October 15, 2009

1. Cakewalking Babies 2. Eccentricity 3. Gee Baby; Ain't I Good To You 4. Take Me Out To The Ball Game 5. Sugar 6. The Nasty Man 7. Stormy Weather 8. Euphonic Sounds 9. Royal Garden Blues 10. Sweet Lorraine 11. Canadan Capers 12. That Thing Called Love 13. Rockin Chair 14. Big Butter and Egg Man 15. High Society 16. When The Hangover Strikes 17. The Pearls 18. Weeping Willow Rag 19. Merry Widow Rag

This cd does not contain notes to the music. Most of these tunes are well known and have been written about many times.