Hot Jazz, Pop Jazz & Ragtime

Morten Gunnar Larsen, Piano


Released 1991

Morten, who is from Norway, is one of the premier pianists performing today. He is a master of both early jazz and ragtime. This is one of our first recordings and one of the best!

1. Randi's Rag-- 2. Dont You Leave Me Here-- 3. Toad Stool Rag-- 4. Olympia Rag-- 5. Norsk Rag # 4-- 6. Weeping Willow Rag-- 7. The Perfect Sporting House Rag-- 8. The Crave-- 9. Gladiolus Rag(Ballad)-- 10. Memories of a Missouri Confederate-- 11. The Pearls-- 12. Rustle of Spring-- 13. The Giggler-- 14. Mabel's Dream-- 15. Echoes of Spring-- 16. Graceful Ghost-- 17. Pretty Baby-- 18. Oh! You Beautiful Doll

Pretty Baby