Long Lost Blues

Richard Zimmerman, Piano


Dick is a piano-roll and sheet music collector. This gives him a unique insight into the style that he describes as "Raggy Blues or Blusey Rags". A delicious album with informative notes. This is a nice addition to our other early blues cds. 1911-1919, many of these tunes have not been heard for many years.

Released 1997

1. The Jogo Blues-- 2. War Bride Blues-- 3. Dallas Blues-- 4. Cheerful Blues-- 5. The Houston Blues-- 6. Beale Street Shimmee-- 7. The Baltimore Blues-- 8. Ole Miss Rag-- 9. Monkey Rag-- 10. West Texas Blues-- 11. Some Jazz Blues-- 12. The Carolina Blues-- 13. Some Blues For You All-- 14. Sweet Baby Blues-- 15. Lonesome Road-- 16. Oh! Those Blues-- 17. The Memphis Blues-- 18. Tishomingo Blues-- 19. The Aviation Blues-- 20. Livery Stable Blues-- 21. The Long Lost Blues.

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The Long Lost Blues, 1914