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"Show Stoppers"
Jellys Blues

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"Society Blues", James Blythe, piano

Early piano blues are little known today. Mostly just player piano roll and sheet music collectors are aware of it. Historians have ignored it and until our early blues recordings were released, few had ever heard it. PianoMania has been on a mission to reintroduce this music to the general public. Some years ago I started on a book about this topic. Some of that material was released as notes to the Cds or the "Early Blues Music Folios". I am currently in the process of re-organizing that material to be published in the Resources section. Graphics from the period along with sheet music covers will be included.

Our latest CD with Carl Sonny Leyland, "King of The Barrelhouse". is now available.It was recorded using our new Apogee Quartet digital audio interface and will also be available in hi-res formats. Included are 4 new original compositions by Sonny including the title track.

Trouble In Mind

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