A Ragtime Primer

10 Different Pianists


This cd includes a 36 page course in the different styles of Ragtime, demonstrated by Ragtime's leading pianists, with an introduction by Richard Zimmerman and notes to the music by Trebor Tichenor. This is our best selling cd. Want to get a friend interested in ragtime? give them this cd and the trick is done.

Ragtime 101


Folk, Classical, Popular, Eastern, Jelly Roll Morton and New Ragtime.

Trebor Tichenor, David T. Roberts, Scott Kirby, Frank French, Richard Zimmerman, Max Morath,Morten Larsen, John Gill, Tex Wyndham and Elliott Adams on piano.

The Popular category contains several sub-categories such as; Tin Pan Alley, Novelty and Blues.

Due to his importance, Jelly Roll Morton gets his own category.

Our sample here is from the "Popular" category

Waiting For The Robert E. Lee, Richard Zimmerman