"Shaking The Blues Away"

John Gill, Piano


Released 2006

John Gill is a master of the stride idiom. We last released a recording of him in 1995. This disk is a tribute to the 50 year anniversary of James P. Johnson's death which took place last year and features several of his most famous tunes.

1. Shaking The Blues Away- 2. Crying For The Carolines- 3. Carolina Shout- 4. 12th Street Rag(Pee Wee Hunt Version)- 5. Love Will Find Away- 6. Back Home Again in Indiana- 7. Snowy Morning Blues- 8. Ragtime Oriole- 9. San Francisco Fran- 10. Hindustan- 11. I'm Coming Virginia- 12. Doll Dance- 13. Mule Walk(Stomp)- 14. Tin Roof Blues- 15. Buddy's Habit- 16. Oriental Tones- 17. Evergreen Rag- 18. You Can't Lose A Broken Heart- 19. Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay.

This Disk is full- 75+ minutes of music

John performed at the annual "Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival" in June, Then to the "Blind Boone" festival and then on to the west coast. This CD has been receiving rave reviews. The audio sound quality is the best that we have done.

Shaking The Blues Away