PianoMania has one of the finest collections of early blues sheet music that we are aware of. Using our extensive collection, we have put together 3 folios of rare sheet music.

Each Folio contains 36 selections

They are printed on 70 pound paper, spiral bound to lay flat and with laminated covers that display all of the original sheet music covers in full color. Sizes are reduced to conserve space. Each folio contains extensive historical background and information about the compositions. The selections were made based upon musical value along with historical importance. Many sheets were sight read by several musicians in order to choose some of the best.

$ 35.00 each

I have just added the tune listings for each of the blues folios. Just click on one of the links to the left for a complete list. 4-21-2010


Early Blues Folio # 1
Early Blues Folio # 2
Early Blues Folio # 3

of the 108 tunes, only a few have ever been reprinted since the original publication dates.

We will soon be adding complete tune lists for each folio as well as pictures of the covers. Our resources sections is developing a history of "The Blues Era" and early blues piano.