Show Stoppers

Neville Dickie, Piano


Neville has selected some of his most requested tunes for this album and it is full 75+ minutes of music

Released 04-25-2010

1. Jeepers Creepers 2. Old Fashioned Love 3. Southside Strut 4. Ballin The Jack 5. So Different Blues 6. The Ladys In Love With You 7. Sunday 8. Poodlin With Pat 9. Memories of You 10. Golden Earrings 11. All By Myself 12. Anitras Dance 13. Sweet Substitute 14. I May Be Wrong 15. Getting To Know You 16. Squeeze Me 17. You Took Advantage of Me 18. Keep Your Temper 19. Thats All! 20. I'll Always Be In Love With You 21. Rosetta

Poodlin With Pat, Composed by Neville