The Georgia Grind

Tex Wyndham, Piano


Playing both Cornet and Piano, Tex is a favorite of Jazz festival audiences. He is also a recognized authority on Ragtime and early Jazz. He has written many cd reviews for several periodicals. This cd is piano solos of ragtime and jazz. The title track is a choice performance. We used it on our "Ragtime Primer".

Recorded 1991, released 1992

1. The Georgia Grind-- 2. Meadow-Lark-- 3. St. Louis Tickle-- 4. Shes A Great, Great Girl-- 5. The Glide-Away-- 6. Jazzin Babies Blues-- 7. Knick Knocks Rag-- 8. The Memphis Maybe Man-- 9. That Eccentric Rag-- 10. Arkansas Blues-- 11. A Dream of Sedalia-- 12. Yellow Dog Blues-- 13. The Rag Pickers Rag-- 14. The Pearls-- 15. Back in Your Own Backyard-- 16. Watermelon Whispers.

"The Memphis Maybe Man"